Assignment 1

Hello, My name is Maritza Castilleja with Williams Group. Thank you for joining me for this program. Here's what you can expect in Preliminary Testing Part 1. We will be reviewing common procedures and instrumentation you can find at your office. I'll include scripting examples, as well as responses to common patient feedback. 

But first, before you can enroll for part one, you will need to complete the following assignment. Upon registering for this course, please reach out to your doctor and create a completed list for all preliminary tests they would like performed before every comprehensive exam. Please be sure to include brands and models for each instrument. So, for this assignment, you will be completing columns A and B, and please be sure to have it signed off by your doctor. Also, please take time to observe a team member and the time it takes them to complete the preliminary tests for a comprehensive exam.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you on part one.