Chair Cost Calculation

Let’s do an example chair cost calculation.

If our total operating expenses are $264,000 and we see a total of 2,200 comprehensive exams, our chair cost comes to a total of $120.

This is without taking our doctor’s salaries and any capital expenses or loans into consideration.

Let’s say we go ahead and add that doctor's salary and capital expenses of say $250,000 to our total operating expenses. We think its valid for us to keep in mind that our doctors and our loans need to be paid also.

That now takes our calculation from $264,000 of total operating expenses to $514,000 divided by 2,200 total comprehensive exams. Now our chair cost is $233.64. That is a big difference from $120. In my mind, I’m thinking we really need to increase the number of comprehensive exams we are seeing, begin working to lower our total operating expenses, or we need to find ways to increase our total receipts.

Really begin thinking about every piece of the puzzle, optimizing our schedule, reviewing our accounts receivables, looking at our expenses, and reviewing our clinical care guidelines. Look at every step we are taking to enhance the patient’s visual performance and every step within the process of providing our patients with 5 STAR patient care.