Once a user has submitted a checkpoint, if the Requires Approval option is enabled, the checkpoint needs to be approved by the user's designated approver. These are the steps to approve a checkpoint.

Open Checkpoint Approval Email: in your email inbox, locate the checkpoint approval request, and click the View Checkpoint button.

View Pending Checkpoint. To download the checkpoint evidence, click the file name link [1]. You can also view the checkpoint submission information which includes the date the checkpoint was submitted, files attached to the checkpoint, and who is assigned to approve the pending checkpoint [2].

Request Resubmission: to request that the user resubmit the checkpoint, click the Try Again link.

Confirm Resubmission Request: In the text field, enter a message to the user [1]. To cancel the approval, click the Cancel link [2]. To confirm the approval, click the Approved link [3].

View Approval Completion: Once the checkpoint has been approved, you will be shown a completion page detailing the checkpoint approvals [1]. To return to the Approvals page, click the Back to My Approvals link [2].