Chronic Illness

And for the definition for chronic illness with exacerbation, progression, or side effects of treatment. A chronic illness that is acutely worsening, poorly controlled or progressing with an intent to control progression and requiring additional supportive care or requiring attention to treatment or side effects, but that does not require consideration of hospital care. And Dr. Cockrell, can you provide us with a few examples of chronic illness with exacerbation?

Absolutely. And as you alluded to earlier, a glaucoma patient whose not at their target level would fall into this category of level four or one or more chronic illnesses with progression. So even if the pressure was the same, if it's not at its target level and even if it's being treated, as long as it's not at it's target level, then it's not stable. And it’s significant risk of progression, so that's going to fall into this moderate level of coding or a level four. Certainly, you can have that same glaucoma patient as an undiagnosed new problem with an uncertain prognosis easily. Thank you. I’ll say an acute complicated injury, like a hyphemia due to being hit in the eye with a stone cast from a weed eater or lawnmower all those things are going to be an examples of something that would fall into a level four, element one on the grid.