So, I think it's important to also note if you're thinking of relying on your EHR to adjust and recommend codes based off of your charting, I would strongly encourage you not to do this. A few important factors are that 92000 codes have lower reimbursements in 2021. While you're probably already doing the work, but getting paid at a lower rate. With recent changes, aid in practices and establishing a medical mindset to patients as you are treating medical conditions. You can increase 99000 codes into the current year and billing comprehensive exams utilizing 99000 codes should be less intimidating as you adapt the MDM model. By adopting the MDM model, you avoid the potential to undercode to a level four like you said and utilizing prior methods or relying on your EHR, what you may have billed as a level three in 2020, there's a high likelihood that you would be able to bill a level four in 2021.

So, very good points Maritza and something that I believe will change the normal trend of about 17% of the office visits being coded at a level four. It's really going to be important to take a look at these three elements of medical decision making and deciding which grid does your patient really fall into in those three elements. We’ll talk about those as time moves along, but as Maritza has mentioned, many of the 99000 codes pay higher, which is not the reason you should use them. You should use them because of the more accurate descriptor of what you’ve done. A by-product of that is you’re going to be paid higher. in this particular year and potentially going forward but that documentation will be critical and it's important to just take the two or three days to get used to thinking about the, oh I guess for the lack of better words, the differential coding tree. Similar to your differential diagnosis tree that you might follow when you see a patient. You’ll get this in your head in just a few days and your staff will get this in their heads in just a few days and you’ll learn to think about did this really fit a level two or three or would it really be more appropriate to bill a level four and if it is, bill a level four. Just make sure that you have the supporting documentation in place.