As we begin to conclude this program, we want to give you an insight on the relationship between employee engagement and 5 STAR patient care. When you take care of yourself, as an individual and when you have a passion for what you do, and when you understand that we are all in this together, your individual ability to provide 5 STAR patient care will begin to excel. 

Then, once your team is all on the same page, your practice will begin to excel in providing 5 STAR patient care. Because it truly takes each and every one of you to provide your patients with the best care that they can receive. Now we have provided a hand out or a guide to help your practice to continue to excel when it comes to 5 STAR patient care.

Use this tool and the exercises within it to help your team and yourself and your practice evolve. Thank you, guys, for joining me for this program and I hope I've helped you to understand your why as well as to guide you in the right direction when it comes to excelling in 5 STAR patient care. Send me any questions you have. Thanks guys!