Contact Lens Pricing Tool

Lastly, there is the Contact Lens Pricing Tool. This is an editable version and I recommend having one master copy at your office to keep updated for pricing, notes, and to utilize the calculator, etc. There are four tabs within this Excel document. Tab one is a general cheat sheet of how many contact lenses equal a six-month supply and a year supply based on frequency of replacement and number of lenses in a box to equal one box. You can also include any high-priority notes, specifically for your office. So, let's take a look at an example. A lens that is replaced daily comes in a 90 pack and a 90 pack equal one box and eight boxes total or four boxes per eye equal a year supply of contact lenses. A lens that is replaced monthly, comes in a six pack. A six pack equals one box and four boxes total or two boxes per eye, equal a year supply. This is meant to be a simple guide as you learn how many boxes are needed to fulfill a patient's order or an annual supply. I do want to notate that a bi-weekly lens that comes in a 24 pack, this lens is unable to be split into a six-month supply when the prescription is different in both eyes. So, the only way that you can purchase a six-month supply for a 24 pack of bi-weekly lenses is to purchase one box. And this will make more sense as we move along.