Course Objectives

We have five objectives in this series:

#1 – You will understand the importance of effective schedule management techniques at a deep and detailed level, so you are clear on your responsibilities and motivated to get the job done well. 

#2 – We will walk through an example of how the patient schedule can make or break a practice's success, day by day, week by week, month by month and year by year. As always, it's the small decisions we make from second to second on the question "what should I do now?"  (your behaviors) that will determine your ultimate results, ideally a full, productive, seamless, happy day for everyone, whether it's for you, your other team members, your patients or the business itself.

#3 – You'll know all the important sources of patients for your practice, and how they differ. This will help you reach them quickly, professionally, and effectively when you need to, keeping your schedule as full as desired by the optometrists and the owners.

#4 – You'll be able to identify a phone shopper and be successful at converting their interest into eager acceptance. They'll actually schedule an appointment, becoming a new patient in the practice, not just a shopper.

#5 – We'll go through the specific process of scheduling a patient. We'll instruct you how to do this consistently in a way that ensures that every patient is taken care of to your practice's highest standard when they arrive, while also providing all the information the rest of your team needs to do their jobs well when they work with the patient during the course of their visit.