Clinic Dashboard

The clinic dashboard: Here we have a clinic tracking graph, which shows your comprehensive exams, refractions, problem focused exams, screenings or non-covered services, diagnostic tests, procedures, contact lens fittings, spectacle fittings, and products. This shows you an overview and vision for your clinic.

Next, we have comprehensive exams, which breaks your CPT codes between your new and your established patients. You can see on the monthly bar graph, the green for new and blue for established. With a line graph showing the percentage of new patients. You can also see the actual units or numbers here in the upper right hand corner and also as a total in your speedometer gauge.

Next, we have problem-focused exams and this is a percentage of comprehensive exams. You set your goal on the stats page and now you can see what your actual performance is. Over on the monthly bar graph, we have problem-focused, your goal, and then on your line graph, your problem-focused percentage per month. Up in the right-hand corner, you can see a real-time tracking measurement stick to allow you to see exact quantities and form a plan of action. You are currently ahead of your goal by 14 units.

Next, the interactive text boxes allow you to record 1-2 wildly important goals. There documented current results, desired results, and the deadline in which you’d like to reach your desired result. Additional questions help you decide which lead measures are influenceable that will help create leverage to move the needle for positive change and hit your wildly important goal. WIGS provide you and your team with vision and purpose.

Next, click on the interactive Optometric Success Center icon to log in and register for the recommended courses. Here you will receive additional training and support to help you achieve your wildly important goals.

Raw data scoreboards are presented in monthly format.

Finally, have some fun with the interactive game piece icons to draw your attention to lag measures, graphs or other areas of your dashboard. Use the visuals on the dashboard to communicate and motivate your team.