Data Accuracy

You’ve educated the caller and now they're moving forward and scheduling an appointment! Congratulations! Now what? 

• You’ve probably already offered them a tentative appointment time during the conversion conversation, so first double check that time is still going to work for them. 
• Different practice management softwares are set up to follow different workflows, so please verify the proper work flow with your mentor after completing this lesson. Some elements may need to be done a little differently in your scheduler. In general, your best practice is to start in the patient demographic screen, not schedule directly into the calendar. In many systems you can access the patient demographic screen via the scheduler. This prevents others in the office from inadvertently double-booking the appointment you’ve selected while you are completing the patient demographics data entry process. Just make sure you understand how appointment access works in your software, so you don’t run into any issues. 
• Please use the attached list to run through your scripts and examples and so you understand the process of gathering information from the patient. This applies to new patients and verification of established patient’s demographic information, too.