Double Booking

In some offices, there is a consistent no-show rate that all your efforts will not change. Sometimes this is a result of the community culture, sometimes it's a pattern within a certain patient demographic. For instance, if you are in a college town, maybe students tend to no-show at a higher rate than other patients. Once you’ve identified these patterns, you may wish to double book certain patients, understanding that there is a high likelihood they will no-show. You should also consider double booking appointments when you discover your patient contact information is not valid or if you can’t reach them to confirm an appointment. Please discuss your office’s double booking policies with your supervisor if you are not sure about them. As always, communication is key! Morning, evening, and afternoon huddles with your team (only a couple minutes, either physically or even virtually via a team messaging system on the status of the schedule) that's a great way to keep everyone on the same page! Use your technology whenever possible to keep your communication strong and seamless.