Eye Handbook

Okay, the next one I'd like to share with you is the EHB handbook or the Eye Handbook. And I really like this one, because it provides a wealth of information for you. And again, it's a free downloadable app. You can do a subscription, but the free app in itself is a wealth of knowledge, just to keep in your toolkit. Plus, it has the wow factor for your patient, if you utilize it for patient education. 

So, there's a grid here, but you're going to see, like there's testing. Now, if we're looking for keeping everything more portable, user-friendly, efficiency, great tool if you have an iPad in your practice. You’ll notice it set up a little dialogue box there, but it’s telling me the distance that I need to keep the iPad, so basically, it’s saying that I need to keep that 14 inches or 35 centimeters. I hit that and so I can do a vision test for, I have an option of near, I can do vision cards, there's all sorts of options. I can do my color test. Okay, so various tests that are available for you. 

Additionally, it gives you coding references. Again, I realize this is difficult for you to see right now, but I want you to see what it looks like pulling up on an iPad.  But you can look up CPT codes, diagnoses, etcetera. And then, one of my other favorite tools is the reference. You can do vision symptoms and what this shows you, but let's say I want to understand what a patient with Advanced Glaucoma is experiencing. This is what their sight is like. Let’s look at, they have flashes of light. What are they experiencing?

As you’re beginning to learn the anatomy of the eye, the various conditions of the eye, not only do you need to understand the definition or terminology, but being able to see a visual and know and empathize with your patient, it gives you more confidence in what you’re doing. Again, we never, ever try and diagnose for patients. But the better we understand, more indicators and communication we can have with our doctor on things that we are seeing and hearing. And when it comes again to billing and coding, basic understanding not only from how to bill and code, but what they are experiencing makes you better at what you do.