EyeMed Exam and Glasses

Welcome back! Now, we want to show you how to file an exam, frame and lenses benefits to EyeMed. Once you have logged in and verified you have the correct patient, you will begin by selecting the services you are filing for and click submit claim.

Next, you will select the exam type, the refraction, the diagnosis, and yes/no for disease reporting.

Once you’ve completed entering your exam information you will scroll down the page where you will enter or select where the lenses will be ordered for this claim. Continue by selecting next page.

Here, you will select the job type followed by entering the patient’s prescription information, as written.

Once you’ve verified the prescription has been entered correctly, then you will select continue lens order entry.

Here you will enter the PD and the OC or Seg Height followed by ensuring that the proper lens type has been selected. And then you will select your lens design and lens material that you are ordering for the patient.

You will continue to enter the lens coatings and treatments as listed on the patient’s order and specify any treatment comments to the lab in the box provided.

Next, we will need to begin to enter our frame information. You will start by entering your frame information here. Starting with the manufacturer, the brand, the model and the color.  Then, you will want to verify you select the appropriate eye size or temple length.  Now, if your frame isn't auto-populating like mine was, you'll select “Unable to find frame" to continue. Then you'll want to select frame type and ensure that all details of the frame match. Select your frame source, then you're ready to continue.

Make sure that the details of the frame matches the information entered. Then, select the frame type, frame source and, if needed, specify other diagnosis here. Once completed, continue to the next page.

Enter your patient’s account number and the usual & customary charges for the services and materials provided and then continue to the next page.

Once again, verify that your claim information is accurate and review the order in it’s entirety before submitting the claim. Once you've verified that everything is as it should be, select submit claim.

Congratulations! You’ve submitted another claim to EyeMed!