Financial Management

Much of the information covered in this financial course will be used after you open your doors. Right now, you are working with a budget, making decisions for your start-up expenses to get your practice open. Additionally, you have been working on your projections, entering real numbers as you get them, but much of it is still assumptions or projections. Once you're open and begin to see patients, we will begin to work with actual numbers, your numbers. During this course, I want to give you some insight into managing your practice with those actual numbers. The ability to control and maximize your net to receipts ratio equals financial success. It's so much about net to receipts. We can't look just at collected receipts. So, let's take a look. There are only two ways to grow your practice. You can see more patients or you can increase your receipts for patients. That's it, only two ways. In the beginning, of course, both are extremely important, but eventually your schedule will be full and you will be faced with some decisions if you wish to see more patients.