First Impression

So how do we make that stellar first impression with our patient? Often, the first impression can make or break our relationship with the patient's engagement for the entirety of their visit so it's very important that we make that initial first impression amazing.  

Now, the first impression can occur at the first phone call, and with that being said, make sure you're smiling when you’re answering that phone call and greet the patient, welcome them over the phone. Be friendly. Listen and respond. You will have roughly 10-20 seconds for the patient to decide whether or not they like you, whether or not they trust you, or whether or not they want to do business with your practice. You will also need to make another excellent first impression as your patient comes in on the day of the exam.

Greet the patient, welcome them to your practice, show them comfort when they first walk in. Show them where things are in the office and where they can sit or where they can lay their coat if it’s cold outside. You must greet that patient with a smile and guide them in the right direction. 

Among the many factors that help to determine a first impression include: cleanliness of the practice, a professional appearance, a positive brand image, welcoming and greeting your patients with a smile, as well as welcoming and greeting other patients who walk in to the practice as well. And remaining patient focused, you must ensure that your patients' needs are met, pay attention to details and always, always say thank you. Make your first impression strong, and remember to make every interaction a positive one.