How to Price for Success Lens Matrix Cost of Goods

Now that you’ve gathered all of your pricing from your different labs, it’s time to complete your lens cost of goods matrix. This spreadsheet is quite simple and you only need to complete information into the individual yellow cells. You can see that we have a section for each type of lens that Williams Group recommends you have within your optical. If you have multiple different progressives beyond what options are laid out here, go ahead and just create multiple spreadsheets in order to complete and then send to your Executive Management Coach. 


Once you’ve completed the entire spreadsheet, you’ll submit these to your Executive Management Coach and in return, you will receive a minimum suggested retail pricing matrix for you to use within your practice. But we’ll go over that a little bit later. 


It’s also okay if we don’t complete every single cell. We’ll notice, for instance, on computer progressive lenses, that those don’t come with transition or photochromic lens options. So, it’s okay to leave some of those blank. It’s also okay to only input if you use certain materials and exclude other materials within your practice. 


Finally, when we get to the lower right-hand section, this is for all of the a la carte options that you may have within your practice. Such as the different lens materials, different anti-reflective technologies, tints, polarized mirrors or any other lens add-ons that you may run into from your labs. It’s important that if these prices vary based on the different lens materials or lens options that you offer within your practice, that you enter the highest up charge value for those materials. So that when we’re creating pricing, we make sure that we don’t lose money on any of the individual prices that we set up within your practice. So go ahead and complete every single cell that’s possible and applicable to your practice and once you’ve completed all of the spreadsheets that you need for optical, go ahead and send that over to your Executive Management Coach and they will get started immediately on presenting you with your brand new minimum suggested retail pricing sheet for your practice.