Identifying Opportunities from Interpreting and Analyzing Reports

Welcome to Identifying Opportunities from Interpreting and Analyzing Reports!

Our main focus in this course, is to help you identify and understand opportunities that may be available through reports that you may have access to. Your practice management software has many reports available to review to ensure that you aren't missing out on any financial opportunities.

  • Accounts Receivables Reports – We want to manage and understand what our patients and insurance receivables are. These reports could lead to identifying and understanding reasons for denied claims with repetitive mistakes that could have been easily corrected or helps you to see that your practice is not collecting your patient’s balances in full on the day of the exam.
  • Medical Recall Reports based on Diagnosis – This report can help you to understand the number of patients you are seeing based on a specific diagnosis and how you can enhance following recommended clinical care guidelines by bringing in new testing and new technology. This enhances your patient experience and creates a potential to collect more receipts while providing your patients with care that helps to monitor or manage their visual performance.
  • Missing Charges and Sign-Off Reports – These reports help you to ensure all of your charges have been posted and identifies what charts may need to be signed-off. It’s extremely important to note that you should not be posting and sending charges or claims without the exam being signed-off by the provider. Period.
  • Timely Filing Claims Reports – These reports identifies any claims that have not been filed or may be approaching a timely filing deadline. It’s important and best practice that all claims be sent to the payor within 24 hours of the examination, once the chart has been signed-off by the provider.
  • Insurance Specific Performance Reports – For our example, the VSP Practice Report and any other insurance reports that are available for you to review that help you to understand your practice’s performance based on those third party payors.