Importance of Brand Awareness

So now that we've built your target audience, how familiar are they with your brand? Are they familiar with your practice? We also talked about your competitors target audience. We know that they probably overlap. So, now we're thinking, we're trying to reach new patients, they're trying to reach new patients, both of us are trying to reach the same new patients. It's kind of like the cola, right? Each company is trying to get you to prefer their company over the other. So, how do we set ourselves apart? 

It's two brands that offer essentially the same thing. You've seen marketing for both brands, you've tried both options, but again I'm guessing you're partial to one. When you're craving a cola, there is only one that you purchase. Same thing goes for eye care. Now there's two eye care professionals, both offering essentially the same thing, both are attracting a new patient. The patient may not be ready to schedule. So, months go by then they realize it's time for an exam. Which practice is going to come to mind? This is where your strong brand awareness strategy is critical. The goal is when a new patient thinks about eye care, they immediately think about your practice. This unconscious association is the representation of effective brand awareness. 

Remember, it takes time to build brand awareness. Start with ensuring you have an effective strategy in place. We’ll discuss different strategies and examples you can put into place to begin building your plan. When you're building your plan, remember the impact it will have in your practice and keep your goals in mind. We want people to reach the point of knowing your brand well. Your practice should be the name they trust. We want loyalty from your patients. We want your patients to talk about your practice with their friends and family. 

Brand awareness begins with creating a brand, getting patients aware of your brand, and building consistent trust through your brand message. It's important that your brand creates feelings and emotions in your potential patients. So, let's talk about the strategies you need to set in place to create effective brand awareness.