Information Tab

Let's take a look at the tabs included in this spreadsheet. The information tab or info tab includes instruction on how to complete the calculator tabs, information about the log tab, as well as the exam templates descriptions for you to review. So, at any time in your process of creating your schedule template, you can refer to this tab

The calculator tab will help you factor your breakeven and suggested staffing levels. You can use the calculator-staff view tab when reviewing with staff, to prevent disclosing doctor compensation.                                                                                                              

Once, you have completed the calculations in the calculations tab, you will select an exam schedule template that aligns with our financial and staff thresholds and practice goals. There is a nice little reminder here, that you want to exceed your breakeven to make profit and should aim to set your goals as close to business as usual when possible while keeping doctors, staff, and patients safe by following CDC guidelines.

Remember, that the appropriate questions and data needed in order to design your patients schedule, instructions on how to complete the calculators tabs, and overviews of each exam template, are located here in the information tab.  Now, let's move on and review the log tab.