Insight & Review

Now at any time you can go all the way to the last tabs on the manage the day scoreboard which includes a year-to-date tab and a snapshot tab. Our year-to-date tab is what we encourage you to look at on a regular basis to see how your month by month comparison looks and also for you to use the yellow cells on this tab to input staff goals for the entire year. This way, we know what we’re aiming for and we know how we’re progressing towards that goal. The next tab that we want to look at is the snapshot tab. This tab just gives you a few graphs to be able to look at, that are a little bit easier for some people to understand, if they’re more of a visual learner. All of these graphs will be automatically calculated and created for you, based on the information that you’ve entered in on each individual month. These two last tabs together are something you should review with the entire team on a regular basis so we know how we’re progressing and also so that we can set goals for next year, based on how we did this year. At this point, we’ve completed the review of the manage the day scoreboard. I hope it wasn’t too tough to make it through. Congratulations, now get keeping score!