Welcome to Patient Scheduling Optimization! 

After completing this program you will have all the tools you need to become a true MVP on your team. Because here's the truth: the business that you work for is only as successful as you are successful at optimizing the patient schedule each and every day! No patients on the schedule means no money coming in. The wrong patients at the wrong time on the schedule equals less money in that day. A cancelled appointment or a patient who no-shows for an appointment slot that you do not fill can mean the difference between a profitable day or a day in which it costs more for the business to open the doors than it actually makes. So, yes, you can be the key to success! 

What does that mean for you? Well a good schedule means:

• A smooth-running, pleasant experience at work
• A work team that truly appreciates, respects, and supports you
• The potential to earn more income in the form of raises or bonuses 
• More marketability within the wide field of job opportunities in optometry, or truly in any service-type field where a full book of appointments is critical to success.

I'm Bess Ogden, your instructor for this program. Let's get started.