Hi and welcome to manage the day. Our manage the day scoreboard is very simple, daily tracking of just a few points of information that are necessary at a minimum to understand how the practice functions on a day to day basis. It’s important that we understand how much money comes into the practice every single day, in which way that money came in, whether it was from credit cards, checks, cash, patients or insurance, so that we can balance our books and balance at the bank, so we have money to pay everyone. We also need to understand the different types of patients that we saw in the practice so that we can understand the mixture in our schedule to make sure that we have enough appointment slots available to see the types of patients that we want to be able to provide care for. This is very minimal information that we should track at the end of every single day. It only takes a few minutes once we get started and create a habit at the end of every single day to complete this spreadsheet. Now, let’s get started.