Master Schedule Template

First and foremost, there isn't a practice out there that doesn't want a smooth and profitable work day. There are so many factors that come into play regarding how many patients can be seen per day. COVID had and in some cases still does affect many of those factors.  What is imperative is that you always look at these factors when making decisions about your patient schedules. 

One, always identify your minimum daily receipts or your break even per day. 
Two, review your staffing thresholds and team members' abilities and cross training. 
Three, what are your clinical hours? Are they set to maximize for patient demand? How flexible are you with clinic hours?  Remember, clinic hours are defined as doctor's time that he/she is available to see patients in your clinic. 
Four, doctor’s emotional capacity. Dr. Cockrell, refers to this in Treasures in Time, which is how many exams can your doctor see per day. 
Five, your office layout, and the time that your patients take for check-in, pretesting, special testing and exams. We provided these questions in the box in blue.  

Once this information is collected per doctor, review and transfer the information into the calculator-full view tab.