Measuring Brand Awareness

Measuring brand awareness seems like kind of a weird thing to measure, right? How do you measure somebody when you don't even know if they are coming to your practice because they saw a billboard or got your marketing piece in the mail, but they just called and scheduled an appointment. Well, let's talk about how to track and measure the success of your brand awareness. 

Track your site traffic. This is both for your direct traffic, you know when someone types in your exact URL to visit your website directly, as well as the number of site visits you have overall to see if there is an increase. You can also monitor your engagement on your social platforms. Are your followers increasing? Are there more comments, likes, and shares? Are you getting more reviews? It's also important that your audience has a seamless transition throughout your marketing efforts. While they are on your social media platforms, are they able to easily get to your website and schedule an appointment or vice versa, if they're on your website, can they easily access your social media pages? If so, this proof that you've built awareness effectively. Don't forget we talk about social listening. Listen to what they have to say when they tag your company, mention you in the comments, or leave reviews. 

The goal of your brand awareness strategy is to get your potential patients aware of your brand and begin to recognize it. When it comes time for them to make a purchase, your brand should be the first and only that comes to mind. We want them to begin to prefer your brand, which creates loyalty and leads to additional purchases and the referral of friends and family. 

Remember, this takes time. It takes time and effort to build a brand awareness strategy plan that will get potential patients thinking about you, without even realizing it.