Midday Checklist

Okay, let's move on to that midday checklist. So, in order to stay ahead of the game and make closing easier for you at night, so that you can head home timely. It’s important that we run a midday daily production report and we do this so that we can do a check off on all of our patients to ensure that we have entered all of their charges, we have ordered all of their product, as well as we filed all of our morning patients insurance, if possible. We want to make sure halfway through the day we have taken care of all of our morning patients. Now, sometimes depending upon the size of your practice, this might be done by a practice administrator or another team coordinator. But either way, it's important to make that a part of your midday checklist and we do it either before lunch or after lunch or however best it works for your practice, but set a time so that everybody knows this is when you'll be doing that double check and communicate anything that you need to to your team members so that they can help ensure that we are ready to see our afternoon appointments as well. And then of course, check to see if there's any changes in the schedule or are there any new authorizations or co-pays that we need to call on to get before the patient arrives and do a good, quick cleaning sweep of that front area, reception area. Remember, first impressions don’t stop halfway through the day.