Needle Nose Pliers

Here we have simply put needle nose pliers. Needle nose pliers are called so just simply because of the way they look. And this tool is really a universal tool that can be used for a number of different scenarios in the practice. Whether you need to pick up a screw or snap off the end of a longer screw, that's about the only thing that you should use these pliers for. The rest should use the other tools that we discussed. What I don't want to do is use your needle nose pliers to adjust nose pads, because they'll slip off and bend up and sometimes cut into your nose pads. They can slide off and scratch the back of a lens if you're using it on your temples. You'll actually scratch up the metal or plastic on temples. So, we want to make sure that we use the right tools because when patients see you using this specifically, they know they have one at home. And if they see you using it improperly then they're going to go home and think that they can adjust our own frame. So I would recommend keeping this back in the lab and only using it for small things such as breaking off the ends of screws or holding something while you're doing a more major repair, not in front of the patient.