Clinic Noteworthy

The final component of the scoreboard is noteworthy. Noteworthy acts as a place to journal, reflect, and regroup. Jot down achievements, events, special days or even funny patient quotes that will not soon be forgotten. Let’s take a look at some examples.

January – Team received training on our new OPTOS.

February – Achieved a WIG! We increased wellness screenings by 40% and patients loved seeing the images.

March – Jessica found an abnormality on a visual field screening that upon further analysis was diagnosed as Parkinson’s disease.

So teams, use this noteworthy section to look back on your year. Create a winning culture with snapshots from your favorite team memories and achievements. Celebrate your team, the moments you laughed and cried together. At the end of the year, you can gather six feet apart and raise a glass to positive change, career development, and company growth.

Thank you for joining us for a tour of the scoreboard. Now, it’s time to get started implementing your scoreboard. Go execute and have some fun celebrating your team accomplishments. See you guys!