Optical Noteworthy

The final component of the scoreboard is the noteworthy section. Noteworthy acts as a place to journal, reflect, and regroup. Jot down achievements, events, and special days or even funny patient quotes that will not soon be forgotten. Let’s take a look at some examples.


January – Started carrying a new frame line and removed two that were not selling through. Jane from lab visited for product training.


February – Achieved a WIG! Guys, I remember a funny patient quote in optical – I had a patient tell me that she did not want her glasses to touch her ears, so if there was a way I could adjust her glasses to make sure that they did not rest on her ears that’s what she wanted. So, that might be something that you will never forget and you might already have an example.


March – Yearly customer service training. Upgraded dispensing process, new velvet jewelers trays, added a free 4oz branded cleaning spray and branded cleaning cloth, added a mint and Laffey Taffy for kiddos, upgraded dispensing bags. And wow, patients loved them!


So, teams use this section to look back on your year. Create a winning culture with snapshots from your favorite team memories and achievements. Celebrate your team, the moments you laughed and cried together. At the end of the year, you can gather six feet apart and raise a glass to positive change, career development, and company growth.


Thank you for joining us for a tour of the optical scoreboard. Now, it’s time to get started implementing your scoreboard. Go execute and have some fun celebrating your team accomplishments. See you guys!