Oblique Head Cutting Pliers

Here we have oblique head cutting pliers. Now your cutters are really important to use for the right things and not for the wrong things. You'll notice on this brand and most brands out there; it actually says not for SS screws. This is actually referring to stainless steel screws and that's because stainless steel is actually harder than the metal that's actually in our pliers or our cutters which means you'll mar up the edge of your oblique head here, creating notches and making them useless to use in the future.

So, make sure that you use them on the right screws, but primarily what we want to use the oblique head cutting pliers for is actually to trim off excess screws that stick through when you're replacing it. So, you'll see they're actually meant to edge right up against the base of our temple here without scratching up the frame and you can also use it to trim any underwire liner or figure-eight liner as you're replacing in a semi rimless frame.