Operating Hours & Clinic Hours

Okay, let's talk about clinic hours and operating hours. To keep it simple, we'll begin with operating hours. Operating hours are simply the hours posted on your door. What days are you open, Monday through Friday and for what hours? Many offices keep regular office hours, meaning they work Monday through Friday, 8 to 5. The doors are going to be unlocked. You can come in for service. Operating hours can also vary based on staff size and community needs. Some offices might have late nights or Saturdays. Some offices, especially smaller offices, might actually be closed for lunch or, for example, close early on a Friday. 

Next, let's discuss clinic hours. Clinic hours are defined as hours your doctor is working that patient schedule. So, we’re not going to count any lunch time or built in admin time. We’re also not going to count any hours that the schedule is blocked for whatever reason. 

Okay, let's go through an example: your office opens at 8 a.m. then your doctor leaves for lunch at noon. Your patient schedule picks back up at 1:00, and then you close at 5:00. So, you have four clinic hours in the morning from 8 to noon and four clinic hours in the afternoon from 1 to 5. This equals eight clinic hours. We also define eight clinic hours as one doctor day. 

Next, for your assignment, please go through each day of the week and write out how many clinic hours you have and how many operating hours you have. This is going to be important information as you select your next staff member and as you evaluate your current staffing situation.