Next up, opportunities.

Examples include:

  • Identify steps to improve staff expense percentage and staff productivity rate. This will take financial evaluation and observing and improving processes and pricing
  • Next, list relationships you may have with local colleges and job fair participation
  • Another great tip is to pay attention to your own patient database. Is there someone that comes in that you just love interacting with and they just love you in return? That could be a great opportunity for a career for that patient. 
  • Next, list existing staff members looking for increased responsibility, hours, or a department transfer. For example, your front desk position has been doing wonderful. She has been there about two years, but now she would like to be challenged in optical. This is a great way to invest in your staff. Check with them before you just plug and play your next hire.
  • Next, list considerations for increased wages, benefits, and incentives. Can you increase these while maintaining the integrity of or without compromising your vision, patient care, and expenses? For example, could everyone work a little bit harder and smarter and get more benefit versus the expense of a new staff member? That might be a conversation to have with your team.