Patient-First Mentality

So, let’s get started. 5 STAR Patient Care was derived from the patient-first mentality. Essentially, it is our patients who drive our business and our practices to success and we need to make sure that we take great care of them. And we want to make sure that we are consistently exceeding our patients’ expectations. 5 STAR care means that we want to provide our patients with Satisfying, Timely and Attainable care and we want to give them Results. We want to make sure we answer their questions, we want to make sure we are listening and communicating effectively. This type of care must occur throughout the entire patient’s journey. This type of care occurs all the way from the initial call for scheduling the appointment, clear to retention and marketing efforts. It doesn’t matter what position you hold within the practice; you personally must make an effort to provide 5 STAR and excellent patient care.