Patient Responses

Let’s take a moment to review some common patient responses and feedback. You may hear the patient comment that this is taking too long and that’s why it’s important to encourage and engage with the patient along the way while they're taking the test so you can update them, are they 50% complete, 75% complete, and so it allows them to kind of engage with you so it doesn’t seem quiet as long.

Let’s also talk about the Humphreys or the Octopus visual field analyzer that require you to change lenses, it’s important to still notate that if the patient does not require any trial lenses to be utilized that the lens holder does still need to be pulled forward even if we’re not entering any trial lenses because it’s what prompts the machine to start the testing.

And again, one of the common questions that come up while doing these tests, the patient will ask how did I do? Just remember that it is not your job to interpret the report, but you can tell the patient they followed instructions very well and the doctor will be reviewing their report during the exam.