You’ve heard it. Location. Location. Location. That’s great, but you’ve been in business for years, maybe even decades. How are you supposed to change your location now? Well, good news, place doesn’t just refer to your location! You should have a presence built in your location that it isn’t necessarily your location that needs to adjust, rather your place. Place is where you promote your product. We’ll talk more about promotion later, but for established practices that already have a place or good location, you’ll focus on the places that you promote your practice.

So, where is your target audience going to find your product? Knowing this will narrow in on where you should be promoting yourself. The key to positive place is to be where your patients are, don't try to bring your patients to where you are. Make it easy for your patients to find you.

Where are your competitors? Are they easily reaching your target audience?

Besides selling your products in your practice, how else are you selling your products and services? With ever-evolving technology, think about how your audience is shopping. How are your patients accustomed to purchasing your products and services? Is there an opportunity for your patients to purchase in a new way?

Think about all of the ways that you can reach your new patients, where they already are. How can you help them purchase your products and services easily? We’re all about convivence these days. Next, let’s talk about pricing.