Let’s review the procedure of the optos. Remember you’ll need dim light conditions. The patient sits in front of the device. The patient will hold onto the hand grips. They will look into the small eye hole at the blue target, the patient will then move their head forward slightly until the target turns green.

Now, let’s review the standard fundus camera. Remember, you’ll need dim light conditions for this test. Have the patient sit in front of the device. Have the patient lean forward to rest their chin on the chin rest and forehead against the bar. Align the machine with the canthus (corner) of the eye. Align the white dots to the patient’s iris and pupil. Use the joy stick and adjustment ring to align the eye properly. Hit the alignment button to show the fundus part of the eye on the screen. The patient should see a green light appear, have them look at that. Align the dots at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock. Use the joy stick and adjustment ring to align and bring the eye into focus. You should be able to see the optic disc off-center and the macula center, given there is no obstruction. Remind the patient to do three normal blinks, then hold the eye for a 3 count. Press the trigger button to manually capture the image. Repeat the process for the left eye. Small pupils may appear opaque and may need to be retaken after dilation.