When looking at the lens comparisons for progressives, you really begin to see how the reimbursements between your preferred and your non-preferred brands can affect you, as well as how Progressive O and Progressive N lens options not only provide your patient with enhanced visual performance but also help your practice to receive a higher reimbursement from VSP.

If we look at our progressive N reimbursement scenarios here, we have a total lens reimbursement for your signature plan $110 and your choice plan at $140 when using a Unity with Techshield anti-reflective level D in a Trivex material. When adding that to our exam reimbursement of $40 and our frame average reimbursement of $55, we get a total reimbursement of $205 – $235 depending on your plan.

Now if we look at our non-preferred, we have an Essilor Varilux for our example here, with a non-preferred anti-reflective D also in a Trivex material. Your total lens reimbursement is now $67 for your signature plan or $84 for your choice plan. Your total reimbursement net after taking your chair cost into consideration, for your Unity and Techshield Progressive N is anywhere from $85 – $115. Now your total net for your non-preferred brand goes clear down to $42 – $59. Once again, depending on your plan type.