RA Tracker

Now, let’s review the frame RA tracking tab within our Optical Credits and Returns Tracker spreadsheet. Just like with credits from our optical labs, it's important that we track all of the frames that we’re sending back to our vendors. For one, to make sure that they actually get where they are going. And for two, to make sure that we receive any money owed to us by our vendors, so that if we’re expecting credits, we make sure that they show up on our month end statement or so that we can call the individual vendors to make sure that we get the proper credits applied, so that we don't overpay on any of our monthly bills. Under the frame RA tracker section, we complete the vendor name, the return authorization number that should have been provided to you, the total number of frames that you’re sending back, the amount of credit that you’re expecting to receive once you send all of your frames back and they are received, the date that you shipped them, then over to the right, the space for you to put your return tracking number, and any notes applicable for any returns that you may want to document. Once you receive your credit invoice from your individual vendors, we can put the actual amount of credit they're giving us, down to the correct penny and the date that we received the credit. When you get your monthly statement, you can refer back to this tab in order to make sure that we’re not missing any credits and like I said before, if we need to, call the vendor and make sure we get the money owed to us. Just like on our optical lab credits tab, we have a section for frame vendor contact details. Here we can put the name of the vendor, the individual brands that you carry in your practice from that vendor, their customer service number, the name of your specific brand rep, their contact number, and your account number. So, that we have one specific location that everyone can refer to should they need to refer back to any of the vendors that we have in our dispensary.