Recruit, Select, and Onboard Your Staff Introduction

Welcome to Recruit, Select, and Onboard Your Staff! Get ready for a deep dive into best practices surrounding this very important part of managing a practice. You’ll be working with me, Bess Ogden, and my coworker, Stephanie Watson, to set up some really great procedures. Let’s be done with panic hires and a disorganized hiring process once and for all.

We'll be talking about the legal aspects of recruiting, selecting, and onboarding in the United States. If you are in another country, you'll still find tons of great practical information and advice in this program. Please do consult your own legal counsel in your country.

There's nothing more frustrating than bringing a team member on who's not right for your practice, or putting them in a role that is not right for that person. We're going to help you reduce the chances of making those mistakes, although we can’t guarantee that you’ll never make a bad hire again. Let's increase the chances, though, of bringing on someone who will be your next superstar!