To make sure you are prepared to finish 2020 out strong and to ensure that your schedule for 2021 comes together, let’s begin your strategic planning by reviewing the steps that will help to guide you in the right direction for success.

Step 1: Technology Check. Make sure your are electronic communication systems are working and that you’re maximizing the functionality.

Step 2: Schedule Review. Review your schedule from 2020 and capture those patients that you may have not seen. Try to get them in or pre-appoint them for the month that they would have originally been scheduled for 2021.

Step 3: Intention Recall. Be intentional in your further recall actions. Recall missed opportunities that we should have caught when the patient was in originally. Begin to review your clinical care guidelines.

Step 4: Enhance Your Medical Practice. Review those clinical care guidelines or establish your standard of care within your practice, developed by state.

Step 5: Enhance Your Marketing Efforts. Ensure that we are focusing our efforts on our established patients and finding ways to attract new patients. be present and remain active in your community.

All of us at WG OSC are here and we want to let you to know that we are on your side. We are on your team. And we want to see you succeed in 2021. Reach out to your Executive Management Coach or Practice Management Director if you have any further questions regarding the steps we discussed. Remember, be deliberate and focus your efforts on ensuring that your schedule is full, all while maintaining 5 STAR patient care!