Schedule Optimization

Step 2: Schedule Optimization.

Let’s review the schedule. It’s important that we review our 2021 schedule so that we are prepared to make it a very successful year.

In order to do that, we must:

Run a recall report for 2020

Start working that recall report on January 1. Call those patients listed on a daily basis so that you can get them booked and on the schedule.

Your next optional step would be to create a custom group or list to recall these patients. If you use a patient communication system for patient outreach, you may be able to upload your list directly to send an email recall. If not, send individual messages directly. If we do not reach them electronically, then we need to reach out with a personal call to the patient. Understand that you need to be specific in scheduling these appointments based on the OSC Schedule Management program.

You specifically want look at your upcoming schedule for March 2021 – June 2021, when many practices were closed due to COVID-19 regulations and guidelines. If you see that your schedule for March – June is still lacking, begin to investigate. Review your 2020 schedules to see who you may be able to reach out to schedule in March versus waiting to see them in June of 2021. You must verify with the insurance that they would be eligible before reaching out to the patient. Then slide the schedule. Create the semantic and call the patient: “Miss Smith, as you may recall, we originally had to reschedule your 2020 exam due to COVID. I have verified with your insurance that we would be able to see you in March this year for your comprehensive exam. We would like to get you back on your original schedule.  Dr. Mark has an available appointment on March 18th at 8:00 AM. Is this convenient for you?”