In your practice, you may have a number of screwdrivers sitting all over the place and they're usually not where you need them, when you want to use them. I prefer simplicity, which is why I actually have a combination screwdriver that the head actually removes. So this bit can actually be flipped around, to where on one end, we have a common head screwdriver. Which has a flat end, looks like a minus symbol. On the other end, we have a Phillips head screwdriver which looks like a cross or plus sign. That way I can swap out the bit, just by changing it back and forth and I can take out most screws within the hinges, to remove lenses, or also to remove nose pads, all with one screwdriver.

Whether you're taking out nose pads screws or hinge screws, it's important to protect everything around you. If you have a simple cleaning cloth, I recommend, if you're taking out nose pads to place something behind our screw, in order to not scratch it. Once we’ve placed the screwdriver in the screw, it does take a little bit of pressure to actually remove it from the nose pad. Which is why we want to have this cleaning cloth behind us to protect the lens from any scratches. Especially when you just get it back from the lab, the last thing you want to do is have to replace it. You'll see now we have a lot of surface area to work with without fear.