Hello Levi. This instrument is called a scanning laser ophthalmoscope and is truly a breakthrough in imaging the interior of your eye. The ingenious use of a virtual focal point behind the iris allows the optos to capture an approximately 200-degree field of view as compared to the approximately 35-degree view captured by other cameras and imaging devices. The scanning laser also allow the doctor to detect, measure, and record many anomalies that are difficult or impossible to see with other cameras or conventional viewing lenses. Dr. Lee feels that this is an extremely valuable addition to your eye-health assessment, it is not currently covered by insurance and does have a small fee of $39.

Hello Mr. Smith. This camera gives us the ability to capture a very detailed image of the internal components of your eye. The high resolution allows the doctor to more accurately detect early changes in your retina that may be associated with macular degeneration or disorders of your optic nerve.