Social Media Marketing – 10

If you feel like social media seems really time-consuming, it definitely can be! However, one option is to delegate your social media to a "social media cheerleader" within your practice. This will allow you to save time and create some pride in your team by allowing that person to manage your social media. It can be scary to delegate such an important task, but with tools like Hootsuite or Hubspot, your social media cheerleader can draft up the posts and run them by you before they are posted.

If you implement a social media cheerleader within your office, be sure to pick someone you trust and reserve some time to speak with them about your vision and voice for the practice, prior to giving them access to the accounts. Establish clear objectives for content, as well as guidelines for responding to questions and comments.

Allow designated time each week for your social media cheerleader to maintain and respond on social media. However, it does not need to be more than 10 minutes a day, and be clear on your expectations so the team member does not take advantage of it.

Encourage your entire team to follow you on social media and share your posts. Not only does it help your posts show up for more viewers, but it also keeps your team informed of what's happening on your social media in case it would ever come up in conversation with a patient.