Social Media Marketing – 4

Facebook is obviously one of the largest platforms and its reach is unparalleled, with billions of users between the ages of 25 and 54. This is an effective channel for communication with your patients and potential patients to build long-term relationships. You can connect with your patients with organic posts, Facebook stories, instant messaging, or Facebook ads. It provides an opportunity to review insights which show how many followers you have, when the best time to post on Facebook is based on when your followers are online, as well as who your demographics are. It breaks down your followers with age, where they live, and the percentage of each gender following you.

When posting on Facebook, be sure to keep up to date with the trends. Creating engaging content will increase your follower count.

Facebook can also be used to target your ideal audience with boosted posts or paid ads. If you have a post that’s doing well organically, like just a regular post that isn't promoted, we’d suggest paying to ”boost” your ad, which will put it in front of more viewers, who are just like your current patients.

With ads, you can narrow down your audience to those who meet criteria of your ideal patient. For example, you could target potential patients who are between the ages of 30 and 50 and live within a 10-mile radius of your office. Think about who your ideal patient is before creating your ads. It's helpful to look at your insights to see who is already following your page. While Facebook ads can reach billions of users, you’ll want to narrow down your audience size to what matches your ideal patient.