Social Media Marketing – 8

Pinterest is probably not the first tool you think of when it comes to marketing your practice. However, it can be beneficial as it can target many household decision-makers AND you can link directly to your website, which helps increase traffic to your website and therefore possibly rank it higher on search engines.

Each graphic on your Pinterest board should represent and be relevant to your brand, as well as have content that is useful for your patients or potential patients. Some of your pins can be promotional in nature, but again, you want to help more than you sell.

You’re going to want to pin things that a potential patient would like, whether it be frames for a different face shapes or tips on how to prevent dry eyes. Pinterest is a great platform to help people get information on products and conditions. 87% of pinners purchase a product because of Pinterest!

Pinterest is the perfect platform if your target audience is female, between the ages of 25 and 54, as 66% of Pinterest users are female in that age range. With consistent pinning, users will recognize your brand and be more apt to purchase or make an appointment with you.