Social Media Marketing – 8b

If you have something short and sweet to say, Twitter is the platform to use! When you make a post, also known as a tweet, you can only include 280 characters. This is much shorter than Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn posts. Add a GIF to your tweet for 55% more engagement. Twitter users are 66% male, with 63% of users between the ages of 35-65. It’s important to gear your content to this audience if it fits your target demographics. Fun features of Twitter include Twitter lists which provide you the ability to keep an eye on other accounts and if patients are mentioning your business. In order to mention someone or a business, simply put an @ sign before their name. When you begin typing, the account you’re looking to mention will pop up.

Your tweet can even appear in relevant Google searches! This doesn’t happen with the other social media platforms and will help increase your visibility on Google searches.