Software Systems

Recall Method #2 is your Patient Contact Management Software. Examples of this type of system are SolutionReach, Websystems3, Weave, Demandforce, 4PatientCare, Optosys, and many others are certainly out there! In a nutshell, these software programs interface with your practice management software and provide means to automatically notifying patients of pre-appointments, regular appointments, as well as recalling, notifying patients about glasses and contact lens order status, amongst many more capabilities. They're pretty amazing, really. If your office does use a system like this, great! Your assignment right now is to go schedule a training session with the company you use! One of the biggest mistakes we see is that sometimes both owners and staff members end up not really understanding how their systems are set up and they end up with problems as a result. Maybe it was set up a long time ago and that person has forgotten. Maybe the software has gone through upgrades and doesn't work the same way it used to. Maybe the person who initially set it up is no longer there. Whatever the case in your office, you must understand this system inside and out now to be the best Patient Care Facilitator or scheduler you can be! Go do it now. I'll wait.