Finding a way to bridge the gap and truly connect with our patients is huge when it comes to building our patients relationship and connecting with patients it makes your job easier and builds confidence and satisfaction for your patients, so it is vital to the success of our practice to establish and build these long-standing and valuable relationships in the very begin.

To do this, you’ll want to ensure you follow these steps:

Step 1: Introduce yourself and let the patient know what you will be doing to prepare them for their exam with the doctor. 

Step 2: Be present. You must make the effort to bring your attention to the patient in front of you and to actively listen to their concerns. 

Step 3: Keep them updated. If the patient will be waiting or if they have questions about what tests are being done, let them know that they are still on your radar and that the doctor will be with them soon and that you will ensure their questions are answered.

Step 4: Spend time with them and ask them questions. Ask them about their lifestyle, their career, their hobbies. Show an interest in them.

Step 5: Make it personal. Make important notes within their account to reference at future visits. Building a relationship is not a one-time thing, it is a continuous practice throughout the lifetime of them being your patient, and the better the relationship, the longer the relationship will last. 

Step 6: Ask for referrals, reviews, and/or feedback of the care they have received. Ask them if they are happy or if they're satisfied. This helps to hold yourself, your team and your practice accountable. We all can believe that we are excelling in providing 5-star patient care, but the ultimate decision of whether or not that is true, is based on the patient’s perception.