Technology Check

Step 1: Technology check.

First, we must ensure that our technologies and our electronic communication systems are turned on and are working properly. We want to make sure that we’re maximizing the functionality of the applications within it. We have heard from many practices across the board that electronic communication systems, such as Solution Reach and Weave were turned off back in March, at the beginning of the pandemic. This was done for a number of reasons. Primarily to ensure that recall and appointment reminders were not sent to patients if we were unable to keep appointments due to COVID restrictions.

We even spoke with practices recently in which their electronic communication system was not working and instead of addressing the issue or finding out why, they just decided they weren’t going to use it anymore. In the end, it was still just turned off.

Make sure that your electronic communication system is working today!

You are paying for this technology. This technology is in place to ensure that we aren’t losing patients and to help your practice be more efficient. The recall function of this technology plays a huge role in bringing back patients who may have fallen off your schedule, while your team is working diligently with the patients in the practice.

Next, evaluate your reminder, recall, and reactivation settings. Reach out to your electronic communication system directly or even to your consultant or coach for assistance or guidance. Understand and learn how to maximize the functionality of your technology that you’re paying for. Most of these systems have the ability to create and send newsletters, create specific groups to send recall, and even direct messaging capabilities. Utilize these functionalities to help you create efficiency within your practice.

Now this doesn’t mean it that it takes place of the human touch; you must continue to monitor and manage your electronic communication systems to optimize its performance. We can’t just walk away. Assign a patient communication facilitator to monitor and manage this on a daily basis. And when all else fails, be sure to reach out to your patients directly. Once again, that human touch means the world and our goal is to provide 5 STAR patient care.