The Interview Process

Alright, you’ve determined who is going to be interviewing your candidates and where those interviews will be taking place. Next is the actual interview process and the forms you'll need to conduct the interview.

I recommend printing out all of these forms, customizing them with your logo and any additional questions or eliminate any questions that are not appropriate for your region or job position. Then, assemble them in a packet, a grab and go packet so you’re not scrambling when your applicant arrives.

These forms include seven steps of the interview process:

1- Contacting applicants by telephone
2- Scheduling an interview by telephone
3- First formal interview
4- Reference checks
5- Second formal interview
6- Offer letter template
7- Regret letter template

Follow these seven steps and prepare these forms to ensure you are ready to go. Remember, don’t send any regret letters until your candidate’s first date of hire has been determined. The last thing you want to do is tell all of your candidates that they didn't get the job and then your new hire falls through. The other thing you need to remember is to file all of your interview paperwork and information gathered and keep that for three years for legal considerations.